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If you want your art to stop being about the post-processing and more about the real moments.
If it matters to you that your children’s lives are photographed the way yours was.

Film is a medium that never went out of style and can be used in a very
functional, beautiful, relevant way to document everyday beauty.

Just beginning with film?

Want to start?

Or are you somewhere in your journey along the way and feeling frustrated and wanting to take things to the next level?

My mentoring options aim at not only teaching you the basics or pushing you past your comfort zone if you've already mastered the basics...but also showing you the ins and outs of how I make it work for my business.

I offer both two different 1:1 sessions and an ongoing online workshop hosted through The Bloom Forum.

Online 1:1's cover film & all it entails, shooting technique, technical film knowledge & client interaction using a web video/screen-sharing service.

In-person 1:1's are more intensive & personalized. Lasting 6 hours, they go over anything & everything film, with a live shoot scheduled where we talk posing & see the entire process and every detail of how film in sessions works. There's a 100 page take-home PDF packed with info about tons of film stocks, how I shoot them, metering, etc. I do these sessions in Omaha but also travel for them all the time.

My 4-week online course is perfect if you have an old camera that was passed down to you and you have no idea how to use it. For those that thrive in a group setting & want a fun, informative & comprehensive learning experience with an addition to a great Facebook group afterward....this is a great option!



-Why film & where I started

-Falling down, getting back up & the mental madness that comes with it

-Camera overviews

-35mm vs 120, pros & cons

-experimental film (double exposures/expired stocks/night shooting)

-How to load film across the board & what to be careful about

-Keeping a journal

-Film stock

-ISO & how it relates to the film you’re shooting

-Overexposing & underexposing

-Metering methods

-Labeling & shipping film

-Lab choices

-Scan sizes

-Pushing & pulling film

-Basic scans vs. premium scans

-Organizing hybrid sessions

-Keeping track of film going in & out

-Manual focus vs. autofocus

-Posing & feeling a connection with your subject

-The real cost of shooting film & how to price yourself accordingly

-Managing client expectations

-How do I know I’m ready to make the leap to using film in sessions?


For more information or to set up online/in-person mentoring, click over to my Contact section & shoot me a message!

For more information on my online workshop series, click below!