Family photos. It means something different to almost everyone.

Your mom's idea of family photos might have been Sears (or The Picture People. Shout out to my mom for all those beautiful backdrops we were blessed with as children!) And you know what? Maybe it still is. To each their own! Just try to talk her out of the funky backdrops. Trust me.

But the way you feel about them might be different. For me, family photos need to be a representation of you guys in your NOW. Because your NOW is different than your THEN and your SOMEDAY. It's as you are. It's me showing you your best side and your happy moments with your favorite people. Because those same people that can get under your skin in a hundred different ways on Wednesday can make you smile when you pass their faces over the mantle on Thursday.  Photos of our people remind us of our real, of what keeps us going. They matter to you and believe me when I say they matter to me.

I want to photograph you in your home, in your favorite place, in your safe zone. Wherever you love most with those you can't live without. Not just for you but for those who come after you. I always use Kodak or Fujifilm on families because it's so gosh darn beautiful and I'm such a gosh darn romantic. The fact that your grandparents probably used the same film stocks makes me smile.

Our session will last an hour or two. However long I can hang out with the kids before they realize my jokes aren't funny. My favorite film lab will develop and scan your images and you'll be able to check them out in a few weeks in a pretty little online gallery. And you can even show your mom.

You never know, she might like them better than her Sears ones.