image by yan palmer

image by yan palmer

My life didn't begin with a camera in hand.

I was never one of those kids in the darkroom.

I never saw myself doing this.

I picked up a digital camera one day when I was 26 and bored. The real change was when I picked up a film camera a few years later though. That day really was like a lightening bolt. I knew immediately that I would shoot in some capacity for forever.

I love whatever you think is ordinary. I love color. I love your smile. I suppose I would describe my style as happy. Maybe because it can make you feel that way, maybe because you make me feel that way. Not sure.

I want your moments on film. That moment might include the two of you, ready to spend forever together. Or when you start that family you daydream about. Or all 10 of you, piling in your bed on a Sunday morning. Whatever the moment is for you, I'd love to tell your story the way I see it. Let's make those photographs together. You know the ones. Like when you find those old film photos of your grandparents and your heart swells up. I want your children & grandchildren's hearts to do the same.

My story includes a really funny five-year-old named Gemma, her sweetest-disposition-ever new brother Jax, and a very cheeky English husband named Nick. Together we like to travel the world, visit our friends and family, and seek out new food places to reminisce about when we're hungry. We enjoy making words up and usually forget that other people don't know them.

Out of everywhere you could be right now, I'm so glad it's here.
I hope I get to photograph you with the people you love.